Free Meet & Greet

This is the time we will initially meet each other, talk over your unique needs and expectations for a doula, and decide if we are a good fit. We can do this over the phone or in person.

Prenatal Visits

We will get together 1-2 times before your birth to discuss your previous births, your current pregnancy, explore options and customize a birth “plan” based on your needs and preferences.

I will also be available via text/calls/email to discuss questions and concerns, or simply to hear how you are doing.

Birth and Postpartum

As active labor begins and progresses, I will meet you at your home or at your birth center to support you through your labor and birth.

I will stay with you for a couple of hours after your birth, helping with initial bonding and breastfeeding, making sure you are comfortable and confident before I leave you for some well deserved rest.

I will remain available by text/call/email, and I will visit you at home within the first couple weeks to see how you are recovering and adjusting. We will reflect on your birth experience and discuss any concerns or questions you may have. I can give you additional breastfeeding support and offer helpful resources.